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Earth Friendly & Reusable Women Feminine Solutions


No Chemical Gel, No Harmful  Dioxin, No Skin Irritation...


Dear Ladies... Are you still using disposable menstrual pads every month? How many of you are aware of the risk you are exposing your most sensitive parts with when you are wearing a disposable pad? Many of the disposable pads and tampons contain Sodium Polyacrylate Gel, Bleaches, Plastics, Adhesives and other Toxic Chemicals that have been linked to cause skin chaffing, allergies, irritation, infections, and even ovarian cancers!


Do you know, there is much healthier and reusable pad that can be used to care for your cycle without exposing your delicate organs to harm? Reusable cloth pad is fully made from fabric, it is Eco Friendly, Money Saving & Healthy Alternatives to disposable pads and tampons! The concept of using washable fabric for menstruation is a long-standing tradition, women have safely used cloth menstrual products for centuries before existence of disposables.


The cloth pads of today are no longer "primitive and inconvenient" as you thought. They are featured with both the convenience of disposable pads and comfortability of traditional cloth pads. With high quality, high absorbency, stain resistant and leak proof fabric, modern cloth pads work and function equally or even better than disposable pads! Initially, cloth pads cost a bit more, but since you wash and reuse them over and over again for many years, after a few cycles, they pay for themselves!





Cloth Pad is convenient and easy to handle, it is suitable for both working and at home ladies! After use simply fold the used pad and keep it in waterproof purse until washing time. You do not need to rinse the used pads when you are away from home. Cloth pad does not smell bad like disposable!

  • Earth Friendly & Money Saving - Reusable and washable up to 5-6 years!
  • Safe & Healthy - No chemical gel, no harmful dioxin and bleaching agent!
  • Incredibly Soft & Irritant Free - No skin chaffing, no allergies and irritation!
  • No Leaks & No Mess - Highly absorbent and leak-proof like disposable pads!
  • Comfortable & Breathable - No plastic, no sweaty and itchy rash!
  • Easy to Wear and Conveninet - No extra parts needed, just snap on and go!
  • Stain Resistant and Easy to Wash - No staining and bad smelling, after laundry they will be fresh & clean like new!




Many women around the world today are switching to washable cloth pads. For them, cloth pads has many advantages over disposable pads including Environmental Impact, Health & Comfortability Factor, Financial Saving and Lifestyle Considerations. 

  • EARTH FRIENDLY, NO WASTE - Cloth pads reduce the amount of non-biodegradable solid waste filling up landfills. One woman throws away average more than 10,000 disposable pads and pantyliners in her lifetime. A disposable pad is estimated to take between 500-800 years to decompose!
  • FREE FROM HARMFUL CHEMICAL - Cloth pads reduce risk of skin irritations like contact dermatitis/rashes seen with disposable pads. Also, they do not cause the toxic shock syndrome that could result with tampon use. Save yourself from conventional disposable products that contain Dioxin [dioxins], carcinogenic byproducts of the bleaching process!
  • BREATHABLE & COMFORTABLE - Cloth pads are very comfortable and soft. They are gentle enough even for sensitive skin users. They protect your most delicate parts unlike irritating paper-based products. No sticky, sweaty plastic on your skin. The fabric allows for better airflow, and your skin can breathe throughout the day!
  • SAVES MONEY- Cloth pads are less expensive in the long run. Initially, they cost a bit more per pad, but since you wash and reuse them over and over again, after a few months, they pay for themselves!
  • SHORTER, LIGHTER, AND LESS CRAMPING MENSTRUAL CYCLES - Cloth Pads allow your blood to flow naturally. Women who use cloth pads report improvements in their menstrual cycle, with less cramping, lighter blood flow and shorter periods after a few months of continued use - that alone would be enough to convert us to cloth!
  • NO UNPLEASANT ODOUR - Cloth pads tend to reduce the odor of menstrual blood more. Commercial tampons and pads contain various chemicals and bleach which causes imbalance pH and increased growth in harmful bacteria, causing odor and increasing risk of infections.





  • HOW MANY PADS WILL I NEED? - BambooLite Cloth Pads work equally or even better than disposable pads. You can expect to use approximately that same number of Pads per day. For example, if you normally use 3 disposable day pads a day, we estimate you will use 3 BambooLite Day Pads. If you normally use 1 disposable night pad for overnight, we estimate you will use 1 BambooLite Night Pad too! If you are new to cloth pads and not sure where to start, check out our convenient Solution Packages, everything you need to make the switch to cloth!
  • HOW TO WEAR CLOTH PADS? - BambooLite Cloth Pads are winged design and lined with waterproof layer. It will not leak through, it works & functions as good as your normal pads. You wear it just like you wear a disposable pad. Just simply place the pad in your underwear and fasten flaps together underneath with the snap and you are ready to go! No addditional parts required!
  • HOW DO I HANDLE USED PADS? - After use, simply fold the used pad and keep it in waterproof purse(Pad Bags) or zip lock bag until washing time. You do not need to rinse the used pads when you are away from home. Cloth pad does not smell bad like disposable!
  • HOW DO I WASH CLOTH PADS? - Cloth pads can be washed easily by hand or in the washing machine. You may soak them in cold water for 30 minutes before washing. Most of the blood comes out in the soaking process. After that, it’s just like washing your clothes. Our cloth pads are Minky topped. Minky fabric is stain resistant. You do not have to worry about them becoming stained, after washing they will be fresh & clean like new!
  • HOW LONG DO CLOTH PADS LAST? - Each pad has a life expectancy of at least 5-6 years. That's a lot of disposable pads that won't be going into landfill. One woman throws away average more than 10,000 disposable pads and pantyliners in her lifetime! Most alarming is the fact that a single use disposable pad is estimated to take between 500-800 years to decompose!
  • ARE WASHABLE CLOTH PADS HYGIENIC? - We have heard people saying that washing cloth pads is "icky", but menstrual blood is just your blood and is not "bad blood". Washing and reusing cloth pads is like washing and reusing your underwear. So just deal with it... It’s really not that bad! Cloth has been used by millions of women across the world to collect menstruation blood. Women have been doing it for thousands of years before you! If reusing cloth pads are unhygienic, are reusing panties inherently unhygienic too? While cloth pad use is thought by some to be unsanitary, many women who has menstrual leak onto clothing, towels or bedding, never feel the need to sanitise them. When cloth pads are washed well, dried well and stored properly, they are perfectly hygienic.




For Love Of The Planet... Our mission is to encourage every women to take part in "Green Revolution" & more conscious in “Feminine Health” by choosing and using Reusable Cloth Pads. We love the idea of reusable menstrual products for both personal comfort & environmental wellness. We believe that washable cloth pad is a great idea because cloth for menstruation is a long-standing tradition that invaluable to both eco-conscious & heath-conscious women!


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