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~ Pad Bag


Dual Compartments Pad Bag (14cm x18cm)


Size: 14cm x 18cm     Type: Dual compartments


Handy, Waterproof, Keeps Messes & Odor In...

A Special Bag for Holding Soiled Cloth Menstrual Pads, Baby Wipes, Nursing Pads or even as a Make-up Bag!


It is now comes with dual pocket compartments design! So you can store clean pads in one side and used pads in the other side. This mini sized waterproof bag is the perfect solution for keeping messes completely contained while out of the home. Perfectly sized to hold several pads while on the go. It can hold your daily stash up to 8 Pantyliners or 5 Day Pads or 3 Night Pads. It is moisture and odor resistant! The outer fabric is a high quality PUL fabric (same fabric as cloth diaper). A nylon zip fastens it along the top edge. This versatile and multi-functional bag could also be used as a regular bag for keeping Baby Wipes, Nursing Pads or even as a Make-up Bag!








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Pad bag - Dual pocket compartments, Handy & Waterproof.

Size (14cm x 18cm)

Fabric (100% Polyurethane Laminated Polyester)






Features two pocket compartments, one to store fresh and one to store used pads.







After use, simply fold the used pad as in the illustrations and keep it in the pad bag or waterproof purse until washing time. You do not need to rinse the used pads when you are away from home. Cloth pad does not smell bad like disposable!







Pad Bag can be washed easily by hand. For un-soiled bag, you may just rinse it with clean water and hang to dry. For soiled/stained bag, you may wash it with soapy water, rinse thoroughly then hang to dry. If you are using it for holding used pad, for hygiene reasons you will need to wash it at the end of a day.


Usually you will need 2 bags in rotation, so that you can always have one clean bag on hand while waiting for another one to dry.










Mint Green

Sky Blue

Light Purple







Waterproof Fabric keeps Messes & Odors in


Neat and Beautiful finishing





Shikin Kasim

2 reviews

Light weight, soft and very convenient. Lovely! Must have for cloth pad user.


Siew Lee 

1 reviews

This waterproof pouch is very useful for cloth pads user, especially full time working lady. Fits easily into my hand bag. It is cute and small but able to hold my one full day used pads. Very easy to wash, no staining at all and won't hold smell! I just rinse it with soapy water, hang dry, use it again the next day.



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