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4 months

Tian Ying
20 months old

20 months

Hurieyn Hafiyya
 8 months

Muhamad Naqib
3 months

Terrence Goh
16 months

Hurieyn Hafiyya
8 months

Terrence Goh
16 months

Lee Zi Yu
5 months

Nurul Iman Anith
26 months

5 months

Rayyan Oon
13 months

Natalie Neoh
16 months

Peh Yi Feng
4 months


Muhammad Auf Rayyan
55 days


Ahmad Tsaqif Wafiy
16 months

Rykel Yeo
7 months


Xia Guang Ting
9 months

Nur Fathiyyah
1 month

Nur Eizatul Hannah
2tahun 5bulan

An'nur Humaira
4 months

Muhammad Aniq Lok
11 months

Muhammad Aniq Lok
11 months

Muhammad Adam Mikhail
3 months

Syaza Balqiyah Baharudin 
17 bulan

Eva Maisarah Faizul Hidayat
18 months


Qistina Humaira
1 year 9 months

Nurul Aniqah Dawama binti Aznoor
1 year

Mikhail Ifzal
2 tahun 5 bulan

19 months

Muzfirah binti Muaz
21 bulan


Aisyah Iris Dania bt Mohd. Fariz
12 months

Ashraf Zane bin Rizwan Hazeman
15 months


Ernie T
2 years old


Evanz, Enrique & Eytan Lee a.k.a
27 months


Haris Salahuddin bin Mohd Yusof
9 months


Jordan Lu Yew Jie
7 months


Lau Cai Wen
16 months


Nur Adelia Shafa Binti Mohd Ruslan
7 months





Review #1:

Name: Rafee

Age: 4 months


Oooh… I just love the boldness of the colour black. So classic! I’m very pleased with the absorbency performance. Could it be the inserts? Or the bamboo velour? I do not know, but whatever it is,it’s working really well! It is really good for outings because they are quite trim and suitable to be worn under pants. The velcro closure is strong, yet designed to be non-irritating to baby’s skin and gives a good fit on baby. Super duper soft and velvety bamboo velour material! Has a wide range of attractive solid colours to choose from. I can recommend this brand to beginners because it is really value for their money.

Review #2:

Name : Tian Ying

Age : 20 months old


I like the leg elastic as we can easily adjust it to fit the child whether the baby is skinny or have a chubby thigh.

Review #3:

Name: Sumayyah binti Mohd Hafiz

age: 20 months

Of course for its inner liner....its really really soft.... i mean incredibly soft... which i've never experienced from other bamboo cds...

Review #4:

Name: Rayyan Oon

Age: 13 months


1.) I absolutely love the ultra soft and plush bamboo valour of Bamboolite Cloth Diapers and it makes me feel good to have it on my baby's bottom!

2.) It looks stylish, gives a great fit and is wonderfully absorbent.

Review #5:

Name: Hurieyn Hafiyya Hazmen Neazy

Age : 8 months


1.) We are glad to join Bamboolite to save mother earth while giving Hafiyya stylish fit, happy bum through the night. Works like magic while saving Mommy's pocket from leaks too!

2.) Very soft and absorbent material, friendly to skin and also pocket. The best of all is the adjustable legs, no leaking is assured!!

Review #6:

Name: Muhamad Naqib b Md Hafidz

Age: 3 months


Loves it when he wears throughout the night and in the morning it shouts 'Look Mum, no rash!

Review #7:

Name: Terrence Goh

Age: 16 months


1.) Because of the very soft bamboo velour, the absorbence of the foldover insert and also can fit many sizes from S to L.

2.) Another thing I like about Bamboolite is the boosters i.e the hemp and also the bamboo boosters. Even though it is thin but with one foldover and one booster, it can last the whole night without leaking. Well done Bamboolite!

Review #8:

Name: Hurieyn Hafiyya Hazmen Neazy

Age : 8 months


Hafiyya is wrapped up with the best economic cloth diaper, soft and absorbent! Say good bye to rash and leaking! Happy bum ensures comforts, totally scrumdelious and one is never enough for us!!

Review #9:

Name : Terrence Goh

Age: 16 months


What I and Terrence like about this diaper is it softness of the whole diaper and truly breathable. Combine with the raw silk liner from Bamboolite, say goodbye to all those nappy rash and nappy cream.

Review #10:

Name : Lee Zi Yu

Age: 5 months


This is the best one-size diaper I could find. The unlimited sizing for perfect fitting is the most ingenious idea. It doesn't leave red marks on my baby legs, and the absorbency is very good. I like the material of this diaper, it is incredible soft and healthy. My baby is so comfortable with the diaper. GREAT Fit! GREAT Absorbency!

Review #11:

Name : Nurul Iman Anith bt Mohamad Shahir

Age : 26 months


Bamboolite is my favorite CD because it's suit for my chubby baby with the unique adjustable strap & the absorbency make me fall in love in night diapering.

Review #12:

Baby name: Adeeb bin Nasrul Hadi Mohd Arifin

Baby age: 5 months


My 1st Bamboolite AI2 CD. Easy to use and really true fit to my son. Cutting very trim and not bulky at all.

Plan to buy another Bamboolite AI2 some more to my lovely son after this....

Review #13:

Baby name: Natalie Neoh

Baby age: 16 months


Love the print at first sight, this fleece cover is so soft and breatable, fast drying. I use it with Bamboolite Foldover Insert, top up with silk liner, it becomes an overnight diaper without leaking XD

Review #14:

Baby name: Peh Yi Feng

Baby age: 4 months


Easy to use, baby's bottom stays dry. The best is the suedecloth resists poo stain.

Review #15:

Baby name: Muhammad Auf Rayyan

Baby age: 55 days


I bought bamboolite diaper for my son before he was born. I know that the only diaper that could truly snug fit my baby is bamboolite with its unique fitting system.

Review #16:

Babyname:Ahmad Tsaqif Wafiy bin Nor Hisham

Baby age: 16 bulan


Bamboolite ai2 ini sangat kemas , selesa dengan nak saya yang kecil , mudah dipakai.

Review #17:

Baby name: Nurin Afza Batrisyia Bt Md Hazrul Wazir

Baby age: 7 months


Ini my first Bamboolite AI2 and sangat2 suka because it's really really tru fit, not bulky at all!! like if so much.........

At the daytime I just change the soaker without change the cover.. so simple.... Plan to buy another Bamboolite AI2 some more to my lovely doter.... first time cuba dah dapat best result so akan tambah & tambah lagi itu Bamboolite AI2... yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Review #18:

Baby name: Xia Guang Ting

Baby age: 9 months


I used this as AI2. good water proofing and feel so comfortable...lamb in action..hohoho............

Review #19:

Baby name: Nur Fathiyyah Binti Ahmad Taufik

Baby age: 1 month (soon) birthdate 25 April 2011


With unlimited settings, i can truly adjust the diaper according to the size of my baby. very soft, no more red marks on baby's thighs. No more leakages!!!!!!

Review #20:

Baby name: Nur Eizatul Hannah bt Zulkifli

Baby age: 2tahun 5bulan


Favourite CD,Stay dry with New Hybrid Bamboolite contoured insert with microfibre for day use,sangat selesa and it's fit for chubbies.muahsss...

Review #21:

Baby name:an'nur humaira muhammad amin

Baby age: 4month


12 jam perjalanan gusarkan hati terbuai-buai dalam keretapi, tak perlu risau tak tembus di tepi, humaira selesa riang sekali. (wakaf bharu to seremban,7pm to 7am by train,slamat sampai without changing cd.

Review #22:

Baby name: Muhammad Aniq Lok bin Farid Lok

Baby age: 11 months


The print is cute..i used this babylion for night wearing..juz marvelous! no can sleep tight,ibu lagi la sleep tight.

Review #23:

Baby name: Muhammad Aniq Lok bin Farid Lok

Baby age: 11 months


I fell in love with the print and so my lil boy, he loves to 'catch' the ladybirds..hahaha..easy to wear,easy to wash..yes! juz love it! but its not easy to take my lil boy pic..tak boleh duduk diam! haha.

Review #24:

Baby name : Muhammad Adam Mikhail bin Muhammad Afiq Halim

Baby age : 3 months


Bamboolite AI2 mmg best corak yg memikat hati,selesa dan sangat kemas bila dipakai oleh anak sy.

Review #25:

Baby name: Syaza Balqiyah Baharudin

Baby age: 17 bulan


Bamboolite yg si adik nie cute,fit dan ternyata mmberi keselesaan tidak kira masa ;)

Review #26:

Baby name: Eva Maisarah Faizul Hidayat

Baby age; 18 months


Excellent nite time and day time diaper. I love the Velcro which makes putting my baby on diaper easier and I like the super absorbent bamboo foldover insert !!!

Review #27:

Baby name: Muhammad Faiz Wafi bin Muhammad Ismail

Baby age: 15 months


This is my first Bamboolite AI2 and love it so much because it's really really tru fit, not bulky at all!!

At daytime I just change the soaker without change the shell/ convenient right! Plan to buy another Bamboolite AI2 some more..

Review #28:

Babyname:Ahmad Tsaqif Wafiy bin Nor Hisham

Baby age: 16 bulan


Bamboolite ai2 ini sangat kemas , selesa dengan nak saya yang kecil , mudah dipakai...

Review #29:

Baby name: Mikhail Ifzal bin Mohamad Syahrin

Baby age: 2 tahun 5 bulan


Fleece cover yg dipakai dengan bamboolite bamboo foldover dan untuk kesan stay dry, saya letak bamboolite suede liner..boleh pakai semalaman sebab fleece cover ni bersifat water resistance...

Review #30:

Baby name: Maisarah Binti Anuar

Baby age: 19 months


Multipurpose diaper yang blink2 bertukar jadi swimming diaper... lihatlah sangat save the budget, great absorbent, and sudah terbukti eco friendly.... Maisarah n mummy love bamboolite from 1st version until latest version. As a swimming diaper - take out the insert. see she is really happy :D

Review #31:

Baby name: Muzfirah binti Muaz

Baby age: 21 bulan


Sangat best....both lite dan premium....sangat sesuai utk night baby loves all the print that she have...neon ladybird, black toys, white jungle, pink stictch & black mickey....sangat trim so dan my baby tak nampak "kengkang" with this diaper..;)

Review #32:

Baby name: Aisyah Iris Dania bt Mohd. Fariz

Baby age: 12 months


I love this bamboo fitted diaper so much because its more breathable than any other diaper. My baby have a sensitive skin and this anti bacterial and thermal regulating cloth diaper helps so much to clear and prevent heat and nappy rash in no time. :) Its also super absorbent, wont leak and just pair with a cover for night use. And my all time favourite color is IVORY since its look so pure and clean as baby.. :)

Review #33:

Baby name: Ashraf Zane bin Rizwan Hazeman

Baby age: 15 months


I love how trim this Perfect Day's diaper is and the slim insert provides great absorbency. I initially thought that the cutting would be too small for my baby but it turns out to have a great fit on him. Love the paw prints! Your Perfect Night's diaper is one of my favourites too. Cheers and keep up the great work! :-)

Review #34:

Baby name: Ernie T

Baby age: 2 years old


This diaper is a hybrid system which consists of a shell and a soaker. The system is brilliant as i only need to change the soaker if the shell is not soiled. I also like to use it as a night diaper by inserting extra soaker/prefold. The only thing is that it needs careful washing care or fabric layer on top of the shell can be ripped and torn fast. Lastly, BambooLite's diapers are a bit bigger than some brands, so they fit big babies snugly.

Review #35:

Baby name: Evanz, Enrique & Eytan Lee a.k.a

Baby age: 27 months


Bamboolite Perfect Nights Diapers - the perfect choice for the triplets. With triplets, We really need diapers which value for money and gives extra protection & superb absorbency. The boys also love the silky soft Bamboolite Fitted Diapers paired up with the Bamboolite Fleece Diaper Covers for the leakproof-nights.

Review #36:

Baby name: Haris Salahuddin bin Mohd Yusof

Baby age: 9 months


I fell in love with BL perfect day the moment the package unwrapped, which was 7m ago. so trim and absorbant, and not to mention cute prints too. Also fell in love with fleece cover which i love the most among all the other types. It's trim, breathable, flexible cuz it fits most soakers that i have, and quick drying! If only you guys would produce more prints for it, id definitely grab one each! *thumbsup*

Review #37:

Baby name: Jordan Lu Yew Jie

Baby age: 7 months


My son is using the Bamboolite perfect nights diaper and indeed it is perfect as I do not have to wake him up to change diapers. It lasts from the time he goes to bed at 7pm all the way to morning at 7am without any leaks! Also, it's so soft and comfy plus the prints are too cute.

Review #38:

Baby name: Lau Cai Wen

Baby age:16 months


Like the diaper so much as the printing is so cute, the cloth is so soft and 'smooth'. Most important is i like it as it is trim and slim that I don't have to worry that it will influence my baby girl walking posture.

Review #39:

Baby name: Nur Adelia Shafa Binti Mohd Ruslan

Baby age: 7 months


I like the perfect nights diaper as much as I like perfect days diaper. No words to describe it except it's superb~! In this pic, she is just waking up from night sleep without any leaking. I always feel confident with the night diaper. :) She likes to do morning exercise with the diaper on.

Review #40:

Baby name: Nurul Aniqah Dawama binti Aznoor

Baby age: 1 year


My baby got Atopic Dermatitis since she is born. Her skin is very sensitive and using certain types of diapers would resulted in very bad, red and itchy rashes at her bottom area. Since using Bamboolite Diapers and CJ's Butter Cream (since May 2012), her rashes has appear less frequently. Thanks.

Review #41:

Baby name: Qistina Humaira

Baby age: 1 year 9 months


Since her 3 months old already wear Bamboolite, its fit to my baby and not bulky.

Review #42:

Baby name: Rykel Yeo

Baby age: 7 months


This perfect night diaper is my 1st cd as I hv never used cd turned out to be a great experience n investment for me.d diaper never leak n can last for 12hrs.with great infor fr bamboolite,my boy is full time cd now.although it is bulky with double insert,I feel very confident that it wont leak.both me n my son can sleep soundly every night.perfect night sleep with perfect night diaper from bamboolite.:D to add a note, their underwear is vy comfortable as try it out.