Wash & Care

Prewash Instructions

IMPORTANT ! : New diaper may easily leak without proper prewash. Please strictly follow the prewash instructions before the first use!


New diaper may not reach its full absorbency initially. You will need to prewash the item to remove natural oils and waxes that will inhibit absorption to prevent messy leak. If not pre-washed, the diaper will not absorb urine properly because during the manufacturing process, there is a waxy buildup on the fabric. If you put any brand new cloth diaper on a baby without proper prewash, urine will simply bead up and run right out of the diaper. Once prewash cycles are done, you will notice that your baby's pee stays in the cloth diaper and doesn't leak out to the sides (like at first).For best results, please follow the appropriate instructions below:

Special Note: Prewash is a process to strip waxy/oily residue from new fabric. The effectiveness of prewash is pretty much depend on the washing temperature, types of fabric, types of detergent and amount of detergent used. Occasionally there are customers that encounter repelling issue after prewash. If you have this issue, try the following: Soak soaker/insert/booster (not diaper shell) in warm water with 1 teaspoon of dishwashing liquid (if many soakers, adjust the amount accordingly). Let it soak for few hours. Knead it thoroughly, then rinse with clean water until no suds and follow by 1 complete washing cycle in the machine to fully remove the dishwashing liquid residue.




Laundry Instructions

Laundering diapers is just as easy as laundering your regular clothes, but there are a few extra steps you’ll need to take:

  1. Dispose-off any solids on the diaper into toilet. Rinse the solid waste out of the diaper with clean water.
  2. Remove the soaker/booster pad from the diaper shell. Sort delicate items or those that contain PUL, elastic and snap into laundry net. Washing with laundry net is highly recommended!
  3. Dump your dirty diapers into the washing machine. Make sure not to overload your machine. Preferable not more than 20 sets per load.
  4. Do a quick pre-rinse cycle: run a shortest laundry cycle without detergent to get the nasty out prior to the wash cycle.
  5. Do a complete wash cycle: once the pre-rinse cycle is completed, follow by a long laundry cycle with detergent.
  6. Hang/line to dry. Always place the inner side of the diaper facing the sun to avoid color fading.



Care & Use Cautions! 

Important notes when you using cloth diapers: 


Washing cloth diaper with High Efficiency(HE) front loading machines

How many of you are washing cloth diaper with High Efficiency(HE) front loading machines? Do you know that HE machine is great for washing garment because it use less water. However it is NOT good for washing cloth diaper. This is because it is not using enough water to wash and rinse the diapers. This can cause serious residue problems. Please remember that, it is always best to manually set the water level to maximum. If this is impossible, then you may get around this with several ways below to trick the washer to load more water:

This will add bulk to the washer and trick the machine into sensing a heavier load and subsequently add more water!